New release v0.3 and updates


I have found some bugs in the code and thanks to the feedback from an user I discovered GoPro videos were not working due to a weird problem. It is time to release a new version with some fixes:

  • The execution is faster now.
  • GoPro videos should work, if the video starts but stops before finishing let me know and I will tweak the fix. Meanwhile seems like removing the audio from the video should solve the problem.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if there is no movement at all.
For its installation it is only necessary to unzip the corresponding file and open the executable file (VideoF2B_vX_X.exe). There are versions for 64bit Linux and for Windows. Find them in the following link (Right click in the file to download). There is also a test video obtained from Youtube.

Some users reported failures related to antivirus, you may try disabling it if it is your case. This is a known problem related to the packaging software, Pyinstaller, causing false positives for some antivirus.

Windows version works at least in Windows 7 and 10, not in XP.

UPDATE: The path to the video must be free of special characters (the succesive folders must not have names with characters like รจ or spaces) if in doubt place videos in desktop to check.

UPDATE 2: Large video files (aprox 2GB) cause the program to crash, the problem and the solution is inherited from a library so we have to wait.

UPDATE 3: Added a new windows version, v0.3b. It now uses the same video codec as the Linux version. Output files are much smaller now and it might solve the error with big input files.

I also recorded some videos in Landres:

And I am working in a cheap real time implementation, still experimental:


  1. Alberto, It works really well. Thanks for all your effort. Is there anyway to save the video with the trace?

    1. Thank you for your words!
      The video with the trace is (should be) saved in the same folder as the input video. It has the same file name but ending in _out.mp4. Check it and let me know if it is not working.

  2. You were correct, the file was there. Thank you


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