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Release v0.4 - Augmented Reality

Hello everybody,

First of all thank you for your comments, is nice to have feedback. And special thanks to Joe Parisi for his help!

Many of you asked for some references in the video, so I have been working in a new version that makes a big step forward. This version makes use of augmented reality functions to find how and where the camera was placed with respect to the circle and draw any reference in the image. As a side result, it is also useful to remove distortion of wide angle cameras due to the required camera calibration.

Let's see an example:

This new version can work the same way as previous ones, using distortion correction only or using distortion correction and references.

In order to use the correction and references, it is necessary to calibrate the camera. Another program is included in the file called CamCalibration. This program takes an special video as an input and saves a .npz file with the camera parameters.
The video mentioned must be made with the same cam…