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New release v0.3 and updates


I have found some bugs in the code and thanks to the feedback from an user I discovered GoPro videos were not working due to a weird problem. It is time to release a new version with some fixes:

The execution is faster now.GoPro videos should work, if the video starts but stops before finishing let me know and I will tweak the fix. Meanwhile seems like removing the audio from the video should solve the problem.Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if there is no movement at all. For its installation it is only necessary to unzip the corresponding file and open the executable file (VideoF2B_vX_X.exe). There are versions for 64bit Linux and for Windows. Find them in the following link (Right click in the file to download). There is also a test video obtained from Youtube.

Some users reported failures related to antivirus, you may try disabling it if it is your case. This is a known problem related to the packaging software, Pyinstaller, causing false positives for some antivirus.