Hello world!
I start this blog to present a desktop application that I have developed to draw F2B stunt maneuvers.
Development began a week ago and the potential it has immediately shown has encouraged me to publish it for use by all.

The application is released as open source, so that everyone can use and distribute it freely, it is only necessary to quote the author. This is the first program I publish, so please be patient with the possible problems that will arise.

Its use is very simple, when starting the application, a menu appears to choose the input video. Once selected, a window appears where the video is played along with the model trace. During processing, you can delete the trace with the space key and exit with the escape key. When finished, a copy of the video with the trace is saved with the original video.

The input video must be recorded with the camera on a tripod, any movement will spoil the result. For best results, place the camera about 25 to 30 meters from the centre of the flight circle. Any moving object may cause tracking failures, although the end result is usually still useful. The recommended resolution is 480 to 720 pixels high.

As an experimental feature, when you cancel the video selection menu, the program tries to open a webcam. Webcam videos are saved in a folder next to the program folder.

For its installation it is only necessary to unzip the corresponding file and open the executable file (VideoF2B_vX_X.exe). There are versions for 64bit linux and for windows. Find them in the following folder:


  1. Impresive work... this will change the way to train F2B. Congratulations

  2. What video formats does the videos need to be in?
    Is there a manual or video instructions on how to operate this program?


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